Off topic: I was trolling around the 'net, looking for information on fuel-efficient vehicles, or my dream, an SUV-tax with matching hybrid-car subsidy. Unfortunately, I found out that SUV-owners are actually getting huge tax breaks for buying their 6-ton-plus, 10-mpg vehicles. Just search on Google for "SUV tax" and you'll see.

For a good dose of reality, anyone looking to purchase a new car in the near future should check out the Green Vehicle Guide. They offer a standard cleanliness score for all vehicles, by which one can compare any types of car (yes, you really can compare apples and oranges here!).

I also have an interest in urban- and community-planning, since I live in this horror called Long Island which is the epitome of sprawl. So I was delighted to happen upon this site, Cyburbia. I haven't looked around a lot yet, but they have good messageboards.

...While there, I found out what American City I am. :)

Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

San Francisco
Liberal and proud, you'll live your lifestyle however you choose in the face of all that would supress you.

And I've never even been to SF.

But all this reminds me of my closet desire to be either an architect or an urban planner. Aick! What to do!?!?


Today was the first day of research. I created a spreadsheet and went through my entire dictionary of loanwords to find the right sorts of ones I was looking for. I honestly didn't get that much data. This experiment might turn out to be a lot smaller in scale than I had imagined.

Looks like I'm going to have to find a Dutch speaker or two, tho.

I'm not working on campus as of yet. They didn't give me a space of my own, so what the heck, I'll work from home, as long as I can keep myself motivated. So I guess I'm not really experiencing the life of a researcher/grad student that I thought I would.

On the positive side, I'm getting paid to read phonetically transcribed nonsense words for a grad student's experiment. It's almost fun.


I got this news a while ago, and I kinda forgot about this blog, but in the case where:
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I got my research grant!!! I'll be starting work in June. I've ordered my dictionary of Japanese gairaigo (loanwords from other languages), so I'll be set to start culling material for my project. I asked if I would get a closet or any such thing to work in, but no such luck for a spot of my own. I get access to a couple of labs. So much for hoping for some perks as a result of this.

I'm still wondering what a life of research is going to be like. I have a hard time keeping myself on track sometimes. But today I felt encouraged by the fact that I was a little sad at turning in my phonology paper. I miss having it to work on, and there was so much more I could have written.

While slogging through study material for my opera course, I had the epiphany that one of the reasons I like linguistics classes so much is that I never have to study.


Why is only one post showing up?!?

Note to self: Don't accidentally change a post's timestamp to a date in the future. Blogger will consider them pre-existent (that is, in their stage before existence.) Does that mean they exist in some alternate world of the future, Professor L.? "My post will probably show up tomorrow," is true, so that means the statement "My post is showing up" is true now in some alternate world, according to Leibniz.
It all began with an innocent suggestion from I....

I., my significant other, is swimming in the academic realm of the hard sciences. He loves to overdo everything in the interest of being the most qualified fish in the sea. In accord with this fact, he is currently in two research groups, and is trying to get into a third. He was applying to do summer research, and suggested that I might apply, as well.

"Me? I don't even have a research advisor."

"So get one," he replied.

"I don't think they do things in linguistics like they do in your department," I said.

But after much avoidance of any actual action, and the deadline looming over last month's horizon, he convinced me to apply, during a particularly heated conversation over brunch in a trendy luncheonette in our town. With the world-music-techno-fusion playing in the background, and a painting of a few colored circles labelled "$400" over my shoulder, I agreed that I should apply. After all, the pay is better than working at summer camp. The discussion of what project I could do, and which professor I should ask to be my advisor ensued.
Better late than never...

I have just undergone quite an adventure. Through rain, sleet, bronchitis and take-home semantics midterms, I managed to pull together a research proposal for a summer undergrad research program. This morning, after my wonderful advisor slickly called up the administrating office and got me a day's extension, and after feeling like I might throw up, for fear that a hurricane would hit, or I'd lose my application materials and not get my application in, I did. That is, I turned in my proposal.

Details to follow....

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